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Java UML Generator (JUG)  v.20010726.2

Tool for automatic generation of UML Class Diagrams out of Java Class Files. Originally designed as a command line tool to convert .class/.jar files into .emf/.eps files, it now offers a visual

JZipUpdate  v.0.9

A cross-platform, incremental update system for ZIP/JAR files written in

PDFDoclet  v.1.0.2

This is a javadoc doclet which produces PDF output for a given Java API, using another SourceForge project, "iText". It requires nothing more than some JAR files for creating PDF files. Forget about all the fuss of having to create MIF output

JClassViewer  v.1.0

JClassViewer is a viewer for class and jar files. Features: - required Java 7 or higher - used the line numbers to reconstruct an output that is near to the original output. - debugging in Eclipse - should support other languages ...

JarClassSearch  v.1.0

Provides searching in Jar files for packages, classes and methods.

Chenillekit-osgi-library  v.1.0

The Chenillekit OSGi Project.The generated artifacts are the OSGi bundle jar files along with a Library File that connects the OSGi bundles.

AIAgentsJ  v.1.0

This is a framework to develop Contexts and Agents and a Container to run them. The Container lets each Agent interact with the Context and other Agents. The agents are deployed in jar files and each one runs in an exclusive sandbox.

JClassFinder  v.1.0

JClassFinder is a simple but powerful utility to search files in jar files. Given a file or a directory and list of files, JClassFinder searches the files in the given directory and its sub-directories. This tool has following features 1. It is a multi-t

Zip Locate  v.1.0

Locate zip and jar files that content matches a pattern.Also useful for finding class files in jar files.

JObjectFinder  v.1.0

The most useful and fastest alternative to search objects (*.class) into Jar files.

Jarf  v.1.0

Jarf is useful for finding lost Java classes.Jarf creates 2 alpha sorted text files:1) a list of class names with their locations throughout a file system.2) a list of the location of same-named jar files throughout a file system.

Module Framework for Java  v.1.0

An way to load modules in Java desktop programns.Using a xml config file load and configure the modules in others jar files.

Manifestreflector  v.1.0

A verifier for the class-path attribute in JAR files with use of JODE. gives a report which classes are not in the classpath which should be, and which classpath entries are not used explicitly by the jar.

The Wakasi.Net Eclipse GUI Icon library  v.1.0

The Wakasi library contains 3239 icon files (3046 gif , 148 png, 24 jpg, 17 bmp and 4 ico). The files are extracted from 100 eclipse plugin jar files, and organized in 591 folders mimicking the file structure and naming policy of the original jar files.

SWTLoader  v.1.0

SWTLoader is an elegant hack to ease SWT program deployment. With SWTLoader you can produce self-contained, double-clickable jar files with the needed native files inside them. Users will just have to double click your file: no more scripts or installers

HotBeans  v.1.0

HotBeans is a framework for Java bean modules that may be deployed, updated and rolled back in runtime, without interrupting ongoing transactions. Modules are packaged as simple jar files, containing deployment descriptor and application libraries.

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